Bharat Gas Online Booking- Book Your Gas in 2 Minute- 2019

Bharat Gas Online Booking

Bharat gas is one of the most trusted names when it comes into the market of LPG gas. Bharat Gas is a subsidiary of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). Bharat Gas is supplying the liquified gas since the 1950s. The company’s headquarter in Mumbai and it is the 2nd largest company in terms of oil supply. Bharat Gas has a very large distribution in India. The company claimed that it has very quick customer support. The company grew very fast because of its quality and easy procedure to get the get LPG gas. Bharat Gas Online Booking is a very easy way to book your LPG.

Bharat Gas Online booking through Website:

You can book your Gas via Bharat Gas Website. If you are a new user, you have to register to book your Gas.

New User

Click on this URL to register yourself

bharat gas online booking
bharat gas online booking
  • After open, the web page gives your consumer number and registered mobile number and click on the continue button.
  • after you click the continue button you will receive an OTP number for verification. Enter the OTP number and verify you.
  • After the OTP verification set the Password. Congratulation you are registered.

Registered User or Old User

bharat gas online booking number
bharat gas online booking
  • If you are the old user you can directly go to the login page by click this link LOGIN
  • After you login into your account, open the Book Cylinder page then Buy the gas on Cash On Delivery or online payment.
bharat gas online booking
bharat gas online booking
  • After ordered the Gas Cylinder you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

Track Your Bharat Gas Booking Online

You can track your Gas Booking by going to website and login into your account. In your account dashboard, you will see Track Your Refill link. Open the link to track your Bharat Gas Booking status.

Bharat Gas Online Booking through SMS:

If you don’t have the internet, don’t worry you can book your LPG gas through SMS. Follow the procedure to book your refill without any problem.

  • If you are a new user then you have to register your number, For registration, You have to fill the form which you can find at Bharat Gas distributor office or you can download from the BharatGas website.
  • Once you register your phone number, Type LPG and send the SMS to 7718012345 or 7715012345.
  • After you sent the SMS you will receive the confirmation message of accepted your booking, cash memo number and when the cylinder delivered.

Bharat Gas Online Booking Using Mobile App:

bharat gas online booking website
bharat gas online booking

You can book your refill through the Mobile app, click on below link to download the app for Android.

Bharat Gas App (For Android)                                                                                                                                                              Bharat Gas App (for ios)

  • Once you download the app, then LogIN into the app using your registered phone number. An OTP is sent on your registered phone number for verification.
  • Once you login in the app, you can book your refill by clicking on Quick Book & Pay.
  • you can see the history of your Refill Gas booking using BharatGas mobile application.

Bharat Gas Booking Using IVRS:

The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is common among all the LPG company to book the refill. IVRS is a very easy and trustful system which available every day 24X7.

  • You can call the IVRS number to book your refill. But before you have to register your number.
  • To register your number you can download the form from Bharatgas official website and submit to the LPG distributor office.
  • After you register the mobile number, you can book the gas by doing just a call on IVRS number from register mobile number for your state. you will receive booking confirmation through the message.

You can check the IVRS number for your state from below.

StatesIVRS Number
DIU & DAMAN9409056789
JAMMU & KASHMIR9419256789
WEST BENGAL9433056789

Booking Bharat Gas through Dealer

You can book your LPG by visiting your Bharat Gas distributor office. you can locate nearest distributor office address at Bharatgas official website. There is a list of all dealer address of each state at the website. You have to provide the consumer number, name and address to the dealer for booking your Gas.

Bharat Gas Subsidy:

The government gives nine LPG gas subsidies in a year to the consumer. A subsidy is a benefit given by the government to groups or individuals usually in the form of a cash payment. LPG Subsidy means getting LPG cylinder at the reduced price. Each consumer will have to buy LPG at market price and the government will transfer the subsidy to his linked bank account.

Bharat Gas Subsidy Requirement:

  • First, you have a bank account to join the Bharat Gas subsidy scheme.
  • The subsidy will be given to the eligible consumer.
  • Under this scheme, cylinders are offered at the subsidized amount with effect from November 2014 till December 2015.

Apply for Bharat Gas Subsidy with Adhar Card:

  • Link Your Bank account with your Adhar number through Form 1.
  • Link your Adhar number and LPG customer number by submitting form 2  to the provider. There are many ways to register your Adhar number, these ways are below.
  • You can also register your Adhar number by calling customer care(1800-2333-555).
  • You can log in and register your Adhar number.

Apply for Bharat Gas Subsidy without Adhar Card:

  • Without the Adhar card, only some banks accept this method. So if your bank doesn’t accept this, you have to open an account with the bank that does.
  • Submit completed Form 4 to your LPG gas distributor.
  •  Log in to and Give your bank account details.

Service Charges for Bharat Gas:

Type of ServiceCharges
Cash and Carry RebateRs.18.50
Inspection charges of LPG stove or Hotplate while getting a new connection/ Compulsory domestic gas installation inspection/ LPG Stove servicing/Charges for the mechanic visit for any reason other than leakage issues*1 Burner- Rs.100 2 Burner- Rs.150 3 Burner- Rs. 200 4 Burner- Rs.250 Cooking Hobs/Auto Ignition stove- Rs.300
Mechanic visits charges for leakage issuesNil
Termination Voucher Equipment collection chargesRs.100
Charges to issue a DGCC BookRs.50
Installation and Demonstration charges for SBC or DBC new connectionsRs.100

5 KG FTL Cylinders Price:

The following table gave you the estimated price of all types of charge of Bharat Gas. The price is estimated price, so it can differ from state to another state.

Service ChargesMaximum PriceMinimum Price
Price of Cylinder incl. of VAT920.00840.00
Price of Regulator incl. of VAT173.50157.50
RSP of 5 kg cyl307261.00
Cost of Suraksha Tube170.00170.00
Documentation Charges25.0025.00
Delivery Charges *25.0025.00
Total cost of New Connection (In Rupees)1615.501500
Cost of Refill306.00305.00
Delivery Charges25.0025.00
Total Refill Cost331.00330.00

 LPG Price Change after GST:

  • After the GST price is increased of LPG in India.
  • The price of one cylinder in India is increased by 32 Rs after the GST.
  • Only 12 subsidized LPG cylinders will be given to each household in one year. After using the 12 subsidized cylinders, customers will be asked to pay the market price of the cylinder. After exhausting the quota, from the 13th cylinder onwards, customers will be required to pay 18% GST on every additional cylinder purchased within that year.
  • Service charges of every Gas provider have increased by 18% after GST implemented by Government.

Bharat Gas Transfer:

Same City:

As explained by this step-by-step guide if you are moving to a new Home within the Town, the Procedure is Easy:

  • Approach your present Bharat Gas supplier with your original Subscription Voucher (SV).
  • The distributor will cross check your SV and consumer number with the details on record.
  • As soon as you have shifted your residence, choose the TA to the new distributor in your new place.
  • Submit the TA and the provider will issue you a brand new consumer number and make the required changes in the records.
  • It is important to be aware that you need not when going to a new place in the city surrender stress regulator or your present LPG cylinder.

In the event the change in the house has been made within the serviceable area of your current supplier, all that needs to be changed in the records is that the official address of the customer, which means that you want to take your brand new proof of speech and update the same with your provider.

New City:

If You’re currently moving than the one to following these steps:

  • Strategy your present Bharat Gas distributor with your DGCC booklet, SV, LPG cylinder and pressure regulator.
  • Surrender your LPG cylinder and pressure regulator along with the SV and the distributor will process a Termination Voucher (TV).
  • The provider will hand over your deposit amount together with the TV.
  • As soon as you’ve shifted residence to a new town, approach the Bharat Gas distributor and also submit the TV.
  • The supplier will subject a new SV and consumer number, which is updated in your DGCC booklet.
  • The distributor will also issue you a brand new LPG cylinder and pressure regulator.

Bharat Gas Connection Offline:

  • Visit Bharat gas supplier office and get the application form for new gas connection.
  • Fill the form and submit the required documentation to the distributor office.
  • You will Get a confirmation call and your application approved within a week

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